Timothy Murere Njoya is a retired Minister of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and a leading advocate for justice and human rights in Kenya. Rev. Njoya received his PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1971 and  Doctor of Divinity from Knox College, University of Toronto, in 1998. He is the recipient of the John Humphrey Freedom Award of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (2000), the E.H. Johnson Award of the Presbyterian Church of
Canada/E.H Johnson Memorial Trust (1995), and the Father John Anthony Kaiser Human Rights Award of the Law Society of Kenya. Rev. Njoya is currently the Executive Director of Men for the Equality of Men and Women (MEW), a ground-breaking initiative that seeks to create equitable gender relations through public education and social action.


November 2013

On the role of the International Criminal Court

Interview by Dorothy Kweyu of the Daily Nation

Interview by Jeff Koinange of KTN

October 2013

Tribute to Archbishop David Gitari

May 2013

‘To change a country is not an easy thing. It’s intergenerational and long term. That’s why we are here: to change this country from a market to a nation." Read more on the Occupy Parliament movement in Nairobi (Reporting by Musa Haron for New Internationalist).

November 2012

Men for Equality of Men and Women (MEW) receives a Champions of Democracy Award from the Ford Foundation

May 2010

Rev. Njoya interviewed on Capital Talk on the subject of constitutional reform.  Video available here .

Sep 2009

  • Rev. Njoya will be giving a lecture at the national conference of the PCEA Women's Guild and Men's Fellowship in Mombasa, 21-25 Sep 2009.

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Nov 2008

Rev. Njoya featured in the Human Rights Defenders Initiative of the Carter Center.